Submitting an Oil Sample

Oil Analysis Sample Form

Accurate, thorough and complete lube and equipment information not only allows for in-depth analysis, but can also eliminate confusion and difficulties that can occur when interpreting results.

An oil analysis sample form and instructions for filling out the form are included with every sample kit. Be sure to read the instructions and fill out each section of the form completely and accurately. If this is your first time sending a sample, every section must be completed. If you are sending a sample from an application you have sampled previously, it’s not necessary to fill out the “Component Information” section at the bottom of the sample. This information is tied to the “Component ID” and will already be in the system. Only fill out this section if changes were made to the component, such as switching to a different product. The laboratory will request additional information if the sample form is incomplete and there is no information on record from the last sample that was analyzed.

QR Code Label

The oil analysis sample form includes a QR code that corresponds to the sample information you recorded on the form. There are two stickers on the left side of the sample form. One has the QR code and is labeled, “Apply to Sample.” The other is labeled, “Retain for your records” and includes the sample tracking number. The tracking number for the sample is necessary for tracking the sample when it arrives and following its progress through the lab. Please be sure to retain this number.

Submitting Sample Example Form

Note: Prepaid shipping labels are already addressed. Do not alter shipping labels.

Shipping Information

The bottom left of the sample form includes lab addresses to which you can send a sample, if you have a non-postage-paid kit. For the quickest turnaround, choose the lab closest to you. Pre-paid kits already have addressed labels that cannot be altered.

  • Place the oil analysis sample form in the clear pocket of the mailer.
  • Place the oil sample bottle inside the mailer and seal.
  • For non-prepaid sample kits, apply the appropriate postage. Use a trackable shipping service such as FedEx, UPS or USPS for mailing samples.

Make sure to include your return address on the package.

Test Reports and Data Management

Oil Analyzers Inc. and Horizon® provide your test results within 1-2 days after testing is completed.

Analysis reports are available through email and online through Horizon®. To view your test results online, go to and click “Sample Reports.”

Quick access to oil analysis reports enables you to enhance your daily maintenance routines by:

  • Maintaining your sampling schedule efficiently.
  • Identifying bottlenecks in turnaround time that are costing you money.
  • Summarizing unit issues that could impact maintenance schedules.
  • Optimizing lubricant usage and extending equipment lifespan.
  • Enhancing equipment reliability and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.
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