Submitting an Oil Sample

Submitting an Oil Sample

Accurately filling out a registration form, affixing a barcode label to the sample bottle and sending the oil sample to the appropriate lab for analysis are the final steps in submitting an oil sample.

Component Registration Form

Accurate, thorough and complete lube and equipment information not only allows for in-depth analysis, but can eliminate confusion and difficulties that can occur when interpreting results.

A component registration form is included with every sample kit. Always complete the Sample Information section of the form. Fill out the Component Registration section of the form when sampling a component for the first time or to notify the laboratory of a change for a previously registered component or fluid. The Component Registration section of the form does not need to be completed if a previous sample has been analyzed for that specific Component ID and no information has changed. The laboratory will request additional information if the registration form is incomplete and there is no information on record from the last sample that was analyzed.

Barcode Label

The Component Registration Form includes a barcode that corresponds to the to sample information you recorded on the form. Identical barcode labels are included on the bottom of the Component Registration Form.

  • The barcode labeled "APPLY TO SAMPLE JAR" should be applied vertically to the oil sample bottle.
  • The barcode labeled "FOR YOUR RECORDS" should be maintained for your files.
Submitting Sample

Note: Prepaid shipping labels are already addressed. Do not alter shipping labels.

Shipping Information

Small return-address labels are provided on the Component Registration Form for non-postage-paid kits. Choose the label for the laboratory nearest you.

  • Adhere the correct return-address label located on the Component Registration Form to the provided mailer.
  • Place the Component Registration Form in the clear pocket on the form of the mailer.
  • Place the oil sample bottle inside the mailer and seal.
  • Apply the appropriate postage. Use a trackable shipping service such as FedEx, UPS or the USPS for mailing samples.

Make sure to include your return address on the package.

Test Reports and Data Management

Oil Analyzers INC. and HORIZON® provide your test results almost immediately after processing your oil sample.

Analysis reports are available via fax, email or online. To view your oil analysis test results online, go to and click Test Results.

Fast access to oil analysis reports allows you to affect positive changes in your daily maintenance practices.

  • Keep sampling schedule on track.
  • Identify bottlenecks in turnaround time that are costing you money.
  • Summarize unit problems that could influence future purchasing decisions.
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