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Oil Analyzers Test Kit

Oil Analyzers offers several full-service test kits. These kits can be used for all drivetrain fluids except for coolant, which requires a different kit (see below). The physical kits are all the same - they only differ by the way the sample reaches the lab. KIT01 and KIT02 contain pre-paid shipping labels. KIT06 is less expensive, but the customer is responsible for shipping charges. KIT401 and KIT402 are for Canada customers as the samples go to the lab in Edmonton.
Oil Analyzers Test Kit
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Oil Analyzers Value Test Kit

The Value Kit is less expensive because fewer tests are performed on the sample compared to the full-service kits listed above. Use this kit when you only want to determine if your oil needs changing. If you want to set or extend drain intervals, or if you suspect abnormal contamination such as fuel dilution, a full-service kit is recommended.
Oil Analyzers Value Test Kit
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Coolant Testing

Coolant testing requires a different kit than oil testing because entirely different tests are run on the sample. The lab will not test coolant samples that are sent in using an oil analysis test kit. It is important to completely identify the specific coolant being tested.
Coolant Testing
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Diesel Fuel Contamination Test (KIT10)

Tests fuel for water, sediments and aerobic bacteria. Requires 32 oz. of fuel.
Diesel Fuel Contamination Test
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Diesel Fuel Performance Test (KIT11)

Tests basic fuel quality, including metals, viscosity, calculated cetane index, distillation and API gravity. Requires 32 oz. of fuel.
Diesel Fuel Performance Test
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Oil Pump (G1206)

Sampling Pump includes 10' of hose. The Oil Analysis Kits contain bottle (kits sold separately). buy now

Replacement Hose-25 Ft. for OAI Pump (G1571)

Replacement Hose-25 Ft. for OAI Pump buy now


NOTE: These individual tests are available upon request and are not a part of the Oil Analyzers INC. complete automotive, racing, recreational and fleet testing services. Contact us for more information.

Name Lube Tested Method Qty Req'd
Cloud point Diesel Fuel ASTM D2500 2 oz
Cold Cranking Simulator Engine Oil ASTM D5293 1 oz
Color Test Any ASTM D1500 2 oz
Cone Penetration of Lubricating Grease Grease ASTM D217 1 lb
Corrosion, Copper Strip Any ASTM D130 2 oz
Density Any ASTM D1298 1 qt
Falex Pin & V-Block Test; per run Gear Lube ASTM D3233 4 oz
Flash and Fire Point - (COC) Cleveland Open Cup Any ASTM D92 3 oz
Flash Point - (PMCC) Pensky-Marten Closed Cup Any ASTM D93 3 oz
Foam Stability Sequences I, II, III Any ASTM D892 1 qt
*Fuel Dilution, % Engine Oil FTIR 1 oz
*Fuel Soot, % Engine Oil FTIR 1 oz
Four-Ball Wear Characteristics Any ASTM D4172 4 oz
*FTIR Infrared Analysis Any FTIR - Scan 1 oz
Glycol Base Anti-Freeze Determination in Oils Engine Oil ASTM D2982 1 oz
*Metals Analysis Any ICP 1 oz
**Neutralization Number - Total Acid Number Any ASTM D664 1 oz
**Neutralization Number - Total Base Number Any ASTM D2896 1 oz
*Nitration, % Engine Oil FTIR 1 oz
NOACK Volatility, % Weight Loss Engine Oil DIN 51581 4 oz
*Oxidation, % Any FTIR 1 oz
pH Range Any   1 oz
Pour Point Any ASTM D97 4 oz
Refractive Index Any   1 oz
*Viscosity, measured in cSt, specify temperature Any ASTM D445 2 oz
Viscosity Index (Includes 100°C & 40°C Viscosities) Any ASTM D2270 4 oz
Water by Distillation Any ASTM D95 2 oz
Water by Mobil Crackle Test Any MOBIL 2 oz
Water by Karl Fisher Any ASTM D1123 1 oz
Water Separability - Petroleum Oils and Syn. Fluids Any ASTM D1401 4 oz
*Also included in standard test package
**TAN or TBN included in standard test package
Other special tests available upon request

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