User's Guide to Oil Analysis Services

Do you know oil tells a story and provides a working history of your equipment as well as the condition of your lubricant?  With Oil Analyzers, you can get a look “inside” your equipment and get the story without costly teardowns or unnecessary lubricant changes. This can reduce maintenance costs as well as provide peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe and not wearing out at an excessive rate. Here at Oil Analyzers, we have many years of experience testing synthetic and petroleum lubricants. This allows us to provide quality analysis no matter which type of lubricant you use.  Be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to protecting your investment, purchase a kit today.

We offer complete testing, mail, internet, fax and phone reporting, and technical support to ensure meaningful results. Click here for more information and prices on test kits and supplies.

*Note: We do NOT test aircraft/aviation oils.

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Be proactive about vehicle maintenance by taking routine oil analysis. The cheap, easy to take sample could possibly save you hundreds of dollars at a mechanic by finding the trouble before it causes problems. You will be sent a report showing the condition of your oil, as well as the amount of wear present in your engine. With Oil Analyzers, you can be confident each time you sit behind the wheel. Click Here for purchasing information | Test Package (PDF)

Oil analysis is essential for any cost-effective over the road trucking program. Extending oil drains can reduce the amount of time that a vehicle needs to be in the shop for maintenance. Oil Analyzers makes it possible to determine effective drain intervals that do not risk damage to your equipment. As any fleet operator understands, saving a few pennies a mile on maintenance costs can add up very quickly, saving thousands of dollars per year. Click Here for purchasing information | Test Package (PDF)

Agricultural applications can be hard on lubricants. Dirt, heat, and organic matter can all interfere with the intended function of a lubricant. By using our years of experience analyzing a variety of lubricants in a variety of settings, Oil Analyzers can confidently give you the information you need to keep the equipment maintained on your terms.
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| Test Package (PDF)

Construction and heavy duty machine applications work under tough conditions, putting lots of stress on lubricants. Keeping machinery operating is essential, as equipment downtime can result in huge losses and project delays. Our oil analysis program will keep detailed records of how equipment is operating, greatly reducing the possibility of downtime.
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Oil Analyzers industrial program can save you resources by providing reliable and accurate maintenance data. Machinery that is properly maintained will last longer with less downtime. By determining appropriate drain intervals you can greatly increase lubricant drain intervals, which can also save a tremendous amount of money. With over 25 years of analysis experience, Oil Analyzers is prepared to exceed the expectations for your analysis program.
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| Test Package (PDF)

Lubricants that are used on marine applications are very susceptible to water contamination. This makes it essential to follow Oil Analyzers marine analysis program, providing  a comprehensive test for water contamination. This ensures your lubricant is always working, never leaving you dead in the water. Click Here for purchasing information | Test Package (PDF)

Postal Service Disclaimer
Equipment downtime while waiting for lubricant analysis results is something everyone wants to keep to a minimum. Unfortunately, losing a test sample in the mail can extend this downtime even further and result in costly delays.

That is why Oil Analyzers offers a UPS prepaid test kit KIT02 that allows you to track your sample all the way to the lab so you can know exactly when it arrives.

We also suggest that you use a traceable shipping service for our least expensive kit option, the KIT06. This will enable you to track the progress of your sample and to know if it has encountered delays. Oil Analyzers INC. cannot be responsible for any samples lost in the mailing process.

Test Results for New Kits

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